Trigger Tutorial
The scene in this example is:- I have a beer tank train loading at the brewery and delivering to the
bottling plant. There is also a train loading at the timber plant and delivering timber for pallets to the
bottling plant. These two trains are travelling in oposite directions on the layout, therefore the beer train
cannot get to the bottling plant until the timber train has unloaded and cleared the track.
That is the reason I cannot simply rely on signals.
First of all. In surveyor click LMB
on "surveror menu" top left of screen
Note: the trackmark and trigger circled
Then select "edit session.
Check if command is available
In the "edit session" window select "driver commands" and click LMB on the
edit button. Check that "wait for trigger" command is available. If the command
does not show in this window, close the window and click on the "add" button
in the previous window. If the command is available in this window click select
it and click LMB on the green tick, this will make the command available in the
"edit" window. If it is not included in the list you will have to download it from
the DLS. The kuid number is 57344:80001:2. After downloading repeat this
step from the add command instruction.
Making the command available in Driver
Scroll down the list of commands to the "wait for trigger" command. Click
LMB on the command, this will put a green tick in the small box next to the
command then click lmb on the large green tick, This will make it available for
use in surveyor and driver.
Setting up the command
Once the command is available in surveyor and driver, set up your trackmark
and trigger on your layout and
name them both.
See example in first pic. This is only one example of how the trigger can be
used. The train on the right hand track has loaded at the brewery and is sitting
at the trackmark waiting for the train coming towards it to activate the trigger
which is on the centre track.
In this pic Alastair is waiting for the trigger to be activated.
Using the command
Running the session:- Give all trainz their commands in surveyor.
This saves the commands with the session so you don't have to redo the
commands every time you load the session.
Make sure the train that will be
waiting for the trigger will be at his trackmark before the triggering
train activates the trigger.
If the triggering train activates the trigger before
the waiting train is there it will not work.
Assuming everything is set up with the right timing the waiting train will continue
it's journey when the trigger is activated.
In this last pic the trigger has been activated and Alastair is on his way.
I hope this explains things clearly. Have fun with triggers and try a few experiments